Monday, March 21, 2016

St Patrick's day

Handprint 4 leaf clover
Spin art mini rainbows 

Layered rainbow collage
Scrapper rainbow 

Green collage
Shamrock cookie cutter prints
Sponge paint rainbow
Sponge printing rainbow

Colored glue rainbow collage

Paper plate rainbow
Water color Spray paint rainbow

Handprint rainbow and pot of gold

Zoo Fun

Marble painting zebra.
Matching animal cards with animal figures.
Match jumbo animals with matching color spot in mini cupcake pan. We punched 1 inch circles in the colors that match the animal counters.

Zoo Books!

Some of our favorite zoo books! These are great books about the zoo for children 2 years old and up. When reading to a group of 2 year olds the length of the book is really important, the content and how you read the book will really affect whether or not you can keep their attention. Read with emotion, read like you are really enjoying the book and be excited!
This book was a favorite of mine as a child, its about the zoo, and the circus. Its a great book for learning your colors and it has many other hidden themes in it also.

Bears! Bears! Bears!
Bob Barner Books are awesome, this is a great book introducing little ones to all the different kinds of bears that are in the world. Its a great science book for preschoolers of all ages, it's short and simple enough for the 2 year olds to enjoy too.

123 to the Zoo
Classic Eric Carle, this a great counting book!

Jane Cabrera books are perfect for 2 year olds! Your little ones will love this version of the wheels on the bus!

A silly version of the classic the "Wheels om the Bus". What kid can resist any version of the wheels on the bus.The Seals on the Bus

This is a very sweet book about animals and all he animals are shaped like hearts, its a book about not only zoo animals but about all the different traits in a person. Is you heart Silly as a seal? Brave as a Lion? Hungry as a hippo? This book is also a great inspiration source for art projects for animals and valentines day.

To the tune of the classic "Over in the Meadow" this is a fun jungle version! Its a great counting book and it will introduce preschoolers to some new animals they might not have known of before. Check out all of Marianne Berkes amazing books I love all of here "Over in the......." books!

Marbled Eggs

Shaving cream $1 store
Liquid water color or food coloring discount school supply
Cardstock paper
Stick for swirling (popsicle stick or paint brush handle)