Friday, September 27, 2013

Pig Projects for 2 year olds

So many piggie projects, so little time!
Piggie collage

This Little Piggie Went to Market mini book

Piggie easel painting

Piggie finger painting

Piggie marble painting

Piggie finger painting with chocolate pudding!

Paper plate piggies and farm collage bulletin board

Piggies By Audrey Wood Hand Print with Piggies

This project was inspired by a similar idea on pinterest.
We made the handprint using "people color" paints and then had the children make fingerprints at the tip of each finger with a pink ink pad. 

Little Blue Truck Farm Animal Collage

Love this cute little book about being friendly and farm animals!

Little Blue truck farm animal collage.

My collage is inspired by the end of the story when all the farm animals jump into the back little blue truck for a ride. The blue truck pattern is from mailbox magazine.

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle Crayon Resist Spider Web

A New Project!

The Very Busy Spider 
by Eric Carle

A framed crayon resist spider web with farm animal stickers!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Chicken Nest Collage

Here are a few more projects from the first week of school. We usually do the same projects Monday & Tuesdays and then the same projects Wednesdays &
Thursdays, and something different for Fridays.

This is a fun chicken project

We did more easel painting but on a circle shaped paper.

Red Bird What do You See?

Red Bird, Red Bird What Do You See?

2 year old projects for days 3 and 4 of the new school year. 

Red bird collage
Things that are "red" collage using glue sticks.
Red bird puppet
Easel painting with "Red"

Brown Bear Brown Bear Brown Cow

Not the best pictures and the book is hand written but I wanted to share the idea.

Here is a book I made for my class using the Brown Bear concept but using farm animals.
Brown Cow, Brown Cow What Do You See?

Friday, September 6, 2013

First Day of Preschool School hand prints

                                     One more project we did on the first day of preschool.

Found this idea and poem on pinterest.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Welcome Back to School 2013-2014

It's so tweet to have you in our class!

Quack quack duck activities for 2 year olds

First day of school and duckie activities:

Yellow play dough with duck shaped cookie cutter and laminated ponds to put the ducks on.
Ducks in our faux water table. We also took the ducks outside with us and put them in the water table with actual water. The kids got very wet.
5 little ducks big book and song on cd, for circle time.
Gluing activity a momma duck and her ducklings in a pond using glue sticks.
Coloring activity: coloring duck puppets.
Bunny collage of things that are soft like a bunny.
Snack placemats for snack time. The children apply the stickers and we will add a picture and their name and laminate them.

Brown bear, Brown Bear for circle time and there is a yellow duck in this story too!
We also sang Old Mc Donald with animal pictures and felt board set.

2 year old writing center

Our new writing center

I made an extra sensory table into our new writing center.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Donate a Book

Our new book donation tree. 

2 year old Classroom before and after


Tomorrow starts a new school year!