Thursday, January 7, 2016

It Looked Like Spilt Milk!

It Looked Like Spilt Milk

I love this book and so do 2 years olds! They can even help you read it, and they LOVE that!
"Sometimes it looked like a .......(tree)"!

How many ways can you make a cloud? Well lets see   .....

What shape will your cloud be? We did this project 2 different ways, the results were the same, the rabbit shape was cut out of contact paper and the mitten was cut from regular paper both ways worked out well. We used a large pom pom held by a clothes pin and dipped it in paint so it would be like "painting with a little cloud".

Paper plate clouds made with cotton balls and iridescent glitter!

Blot paint clouds, we used blue copy paper rather than construction paper because construction paper tends to soak up the paint and our clouds would not be a bright white. 

Cloud Shape collage- We cut out shapes from the story and had the children glue them to blue paper so they would be like clouds in the sky.

Water coloring the cloud shapes

These water colors are way more fun than these.....
(found these bright fun colorful water colors at Michaels only $4.99, Joann Fabrics has a similar set for a good price also)

We used a sponge painter today for our reverse stencil I liked the effect better than using the Pom Pom and clothes pin.
Finger paint cloud 
Paint white, silver, blue
Shaving cream
Cotton ball cloud shapes in our windows!

Cloud snack ideas:
Luke's cheddar clouds and raisins for rain drops

Not healthy but fun:
Large marshmallows and blue m&ms for rain drops 

Other Great Books to go along with Spilt Milk

Little Cloud
Cloudette (a little long for 2 year olds)

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Carmel Madonna said...

I liked your different ideas and want to do watercolor on clouds. So far I haven't seen anyone else doing this for preschool art. I love the mittens in the window from the story too.