Thursday, August 4, 2011

Back to School Ideas

Birthday Board
Back to School Board
Parent Board and snack info.

Farm Board from year 2
I used the same bulletin board set as the picture below just displayed completely different.
 Apples a universal symbol for "Back to School" above is a simple board I did displaying a variety of apple projects we did.

Mosaic paper plate apple- cut red squares, a leaf and a stem and let the children create!

Arm and hand print apple tree- paint childs arm and hand with brown paint print it onto a gree tree cut out and have child make apples with their fingers! Messy and fun. 

Apple prints- cut apples in half (smaller apples work better for smaller children) dip in paint and print away! We only used red paint but mix it up and offer them green and yellow paint too!

Apple sticker tree- Give children a tree cut and mini apple stickers. This is so simple mess free and great for their fine motor skillls.
 I always start out the school year with the farm theme, (these pics are from my first year at the school I am currently teaching at) I have the young 2's class and farm animals are something almost all 2 year olds are familiar with. It helps them to have the familiarity when first adjusting to preschool.

 The first board is a simple farm scene and the second bulletin board is a collection of the projects we did creating our own class farm.

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